Nioh 2 Darkness in the Capital Tsuchigumo Boss Guide

In this Nioh 2 Tsuchigumo Boss guide, we’ll give you all the details regarding the nature of Tsuchigumo, its attacks, its weaknesses, and how to defeat this spider boss in Nioh 2 Darkness in the Capital DLC.

Nioh 2 Darkness in the Capital Tsuchigumo Boss

It has a body of a tiger, limbs of a spider, and the face of a demon. It lays down webs, not for insects, but for humans, and later devours them.

Tsuchigumo boss will make its appearance at the end of the Blighted Gate mission of Darkness in the Capital DLC. You’ll fight it in an arena surrounded by fire.

It might seem like the monster is immune to fire, but fire happens to be its biggest weakness.

Flaming Heron Feathers and Fire Talismans can help you dig Tsuchigumo’s grave a little quicker.

Mentioned below are all the attacks that the boss will pull on you.


Burst Attack
The best way to counter this attack is to use your burst attack against its burst attack. An eye for an eye, right?

A successful counter burst attack will send the boss in a recovery phase, allowing you to test out some of your other attacks.

3 Hit Combo Attack
Tsuchigumo has to put its massive legs to good use, and it does so with this attack.

You’ll see plenty of legs coming at you, followed by a spinning attack.

Your only line of defense for this attack is to block it and then later dodge the spinning attack.

The spinning attack will come after the second swing of its legs.

Leap Attack
Getting the inspiration from a sumo wrestler, Tsuchigumo will try to land its body on to you.

You can see it coming from miles away and can be easily dodged.

Follow up the dodge with some quick attacks while the spider rests.

Switchglaive weapon is the best weapon for the job.

Spinning Leap Attack
An extension to the leap attack, only this time, it would be spinning like a wheel, and the attack would do more damage.

Tsuchigumo won’t jump on the walls without a reason unless it wants to crush you with this attack.

Therefore, be on your feet when it jumps on the walls and be ready to dodge.

Again, the boss will take some time to recover, and you can utilize that time and land it some blows in the meantime.

Surrounding Web Attack
The boss will throw balls of web at you, but this isn’t where it ends.

Once those balls strike the ground, the web will expand and come for you.

The boss will roar before releasing the balls. That’s how you know that a sticky attack is coming your way.

Step back when this happens, and use Flaming Heron Feathers to dodge the attack.

Grab Attack
It seems like this ferocious boss is quite lonely when it comes to the grab attack.

As the name explains, it will grab you and pull you close.

And when it realizes you’re not its type, it’ll slam you to the ground. When you see a grey mist near one of its legs, prepare for the grab attack.

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