Nioh 2 The Sun Sets on Mount Tenno Walkthrough

Nioh 2 The Sun Sets on Mount Tenno is the 12th main mission of the game. This mission is a really long one as you’ll face many difficulties and will go through many obstacles until you reach your destination, the boss fight.

Nioh 2 The Sun Sets on Mount Tenno

In this Sun Sets on Mount Tenno Walkthrough guide, we’ve given the entire walkthrough of this main story mission in detail along with the tips on how you can defeat the Boss in the end.

Shrine 1
You’ll start Sun Sets on Mount Tenno from the first shrine. Move towards the main path through the forest. There’s a shortcut inside the caves but it’s a dead end.

Kill the Gaki standing next to a corpse. There’s a Skeleton Warrior on the left of the Gaki, kill him as well and head to the scaffolding on the left.

You’ll encounter few human enemies on the scaffolding, finish them and open the chest on your left then grab an item on your right. Now, once you’ve cleared the scaffolding, jump down and kill the Yoki and the Skeleton Warrior.

When you’re near the cliff, make sure to keep an eye on the enemy who shoots down at you. If you want you can avoid him. Once you’ve decided what you want to do with the enemy on the cliff, move towards the Yoki Fog and kill the Nure-Onna that spawns.

Now, head up the cliff where you saw the enemy and find your first Kodama resting at the back of the tree.

From there, move towards the next area and kill two human enemies on the walkway. Kill Waira below the walkway and open the door on the right to take a shortcut.

Move towards your left and head up the hill. Kill a human enemy on your way up and grab few items on the walkways. Inside the hut you’ll encounter a special type of Yoki who wields a Kusarigama. This Yoki is special due to its incredible speed and sweeping attacks.

After dealing with Yoki, open the chest behind it and move towards the broken railing of the platform. Look down and find the second Kodama. Return to your initial position, through the shortcut door and this time use the bridge.

The far end of the bridge has a Darkness Realm and to take care of it, you’ll have to destroy the crystal guarded by two Skeleton Archers. Move up the ladder on the right and onto the walkways. Kill the two enemies and on the other side of the walkway you’ll find the third Kodama on the platform with a center tree on it.

Move a little bit forward and you’ll be on top of a Yoki. Jump attack it and deal with two Skeleton Warriors with it.

Just make sure you don’t allow Yoki to go anywhere near the crystals, as they heal it and you’ll have a tough time defeating it. Once Yoki’s taken care of, destroy the crystals and dispel the Darkness Realm.

Near the ladder you’ll encounter a Nure-Onna next to an item and on the other side of the ladder, there’s another Nure-Onna near an item.

Head inside the hut and open the chest close to a Sudama. After dealing with the enemies inside and outside the hut, head back towards the crystal.

Move down the lane towards the gate which leads you to the second Shrine. Make sure to grab an item near the gate before heading in.

Shrine 2
The door before the shrine is a shortcut. Begin by going through the rice field and encounter an NPC Benevolent Grave on the right of the area. Head towards your right and kill a bunch of human enemies.

After reaching the highest level, descend the levels by entering the house on the right to grab an item. Once the item is picked, you can freely enter the gate to the second Shrine.

Head up the ramp and enter the house. Climb up to the roof and find the fourth Kodama. Move left and up the hill where you’ll drop down on some rice fields. The fifth Kodama is at the lowest level near the area where you dropped onto the path.

Move across the bridge from the path and kill two Skeleton Archers on either side of the wall. Enter the compound and find several Yokai enemies with elemental crystals. Don’t directly go inside, first go towards the left corner to find the sixth Kodama.

As for the seventh Kodama, return to the bridge and drop down a level and you’ll find it on the left side behind a wooden barrier by the wall.

After finding the seventh Kodama below the bridge, enter the cave down the lane. There are two Mage enemies in the first room behind the ladder.

Avoid going up and directly head to the left and enter a room with an Ubume waiting in the corner for you. Kill the Ubume and destroy the crystals. Destroying the crystals, wipes out the Onyudo along with the other crystals above.

Exit the room and go left and remove the tag from a Nurikabe wall. Once that’s done, move straight towards the right lane and find Sudama and a Mage enemy. Interact with them and drop down to the ladder; where you found the first mage.

Head up the building and find a Yokai Fog at the center with an Aberrant Soldier coming at its aid. Take care of the soldier and then go for the fog.

The fog spawns a Blue Yoki with dual swords. Once you’ve killed it, move clockwise around the balcony and find the eighth Kodama.

Head down the lower part of the walkway and kill an Aberrant Soldier on your way. Return to the area you entered from and find a Blue Yoki with dual swords on the right.

But this time the Blue Yoki comes with backup as it brings a Scampuss with it. Climb the ladder and grab an item on the balcony near the two Skeleton Archers.

Visit the main courtyard and enter the gate on your right. There’s a hut on your left, enter it and you’ll find a ladder going down the lower area.

A Skeleton Soldier is found on the ground towards the path down. Moving forward you’ll find two more Soldiers and a large Axe Skeleton along with two Gaki in the building.

Exit through the door and unlock two gates, first one behind the central courtyard, the other one at the far-left area going directly towards a house. Climb the ladder and head up the walkway above the room to find an axe Skeleton.

Once the axe Skeleton is killed, head up the stairs behind it and come across a Darkness Realm. Destroy two crystals at the center to dispel it. Just keep a safe distance from them as a Biwa Boku-boku will summon the Revenant in the middle of the area.

Therefore, kill the blue Yoki and climb the ladder behind it to kill two Aberrant Soldiers and the Biwa in the tower. The only enemy remaining is the Ubume.

It’s at the center near the crystals.  Do a drop attack on it and kill it by destroying the crystals and putting an end to the Darkness Realm. Exit the central area and find the third Shrine on your right.

Shrine 3
You can enter through the gate and find the Boss room at the back of this area. But first, pick up some items. There’s a Hot Spring down the hill.

To find it you’ll have to drop down the hole into the lower area and move down the hill. There you’ll find the item.

Unlock both gates and if you need to head back up again, use the ladder and return to the third Shrine.

Now, from here your destination is few inches away. Simply move through the double doors and enter the Nioh 2 The Sun Sets on Mount Tenno boss room.

Ryomen Sukuna Boss Fight
Once you’ve entered the Boss room, your next and the final task of the mission is to battle the big Yokai Boss, Ryomen Sukuna. This boss can change between fire and water half.

Mostly he uses fire half for combat and the water half for ranged support attacks.

He possesses a lot of moves but the easiest one to counter is his Red Aura charged attacks. You’re in luck since he uses this move quite often. To counter the attack, you’ll have to use a Burst Counter (R2+ circle) followed up by a lethal combo.

To exhaust him, move right and left during his Red Aura Attacks. Make sure your timing is perfect when using the Burst Counter as it will be even more effective and will lower his Ki really fast.

Perform two or more Burst counters followed up by your combo and he’ll be as good as dead without his Ki. Keep hitting him until he’s defeated.

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