Nioh 2 Ryomen Sukuna Boss Guide

In Nioh 2, there are many bosses for you to fight. Each of them will have to be defeated using some different tactics. In this Nioh 2 Ryomen Sukuna Boss Guide, we will show you how to defeat this formidable foe.

Nioh 2 Ryomen Sukuna Boss

You will face this boss during the main mission “The Sun Sets on Mount Tenno”, which is mission level 66.

Ryomen Sukana is a big Yokai boss made up of half fire and half ice. He can switch between them but generally attacks with his fire half and uses the ice half for ranged support attacks.

Keeping that in mind, make sure you come with the best armor possible with fire and ice resistances.

Since you don’t have too much time to land your hits on him, you should bring a weapon that can hit hard even if it is slow to make sure every hit counts. For that very reason, we would recommend a hammer in high-stance.

Ryomen Sukuna is pretty much a tank as represented by the huge purple bar under his health showing the amount of armor he has. In order to be successful in the Sukuna boss fight, you need to make sure you chip away at his armor first.

His armor regens whenever you both enter the Yokai realm which he will enter multiple times in the fight. Make sure he doesn’t get the chance to regen too much in this realm and you can reduce a lot of his health during this time.

Another neat trick in Yokai realm is to use your Yokai form to deal him damage as this form doesn’t require Ki to use here.

As is the case with most boss fights, Ki is the key to winning. Make sure you always have some in reserve to block his attacks as Ryomen hits hard and fast.

Don’t get greedy. Whenever you see him finish his attack animation, get close to him land a few hits and back out before he hits you.

To make sure your hits are strong enough so that the fight doesn’t last too long, use the colored crystals around the area. They will buff your weapon damage for a bit when you break them. Crystals can also be used for cover to avoid ranged attacks if you don’t have enough Ki to dodge.

On top of the crystals, make sure you use Burst Counter as much as possible. Ryomen’s big attacks are telegraphed by a red glow. Use this opportunity to initiate a burst counter to not only interrupt his attack but also do massive damage in return.

If the fight still proves to be too difficult, remember you can always summon help. Either use the online connection to summon another player to help you or rush to the other end of the arena where you fight Ryomen Sukuna and summon Sakiri the Shinkage Disciple NPC to help you out.

After defeating Ryomen, you will be granted his Soul Core alongside a lot of Amrita. You can use the Soul Core to learn new skills.

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