Nioh 2 The Golden Nation Kodama Locations Guide

If you are interested in Nioh 2 The Golden Nation Kodama Locations, our guide has you covered. We will tell you all 3 Kodama locations in The Golden Nation and how you can collect them.

Nioh 2 The Golden Nation Kodama Locations

Collecting Kodamas increases your elixir count for the region by 1 for every 5 Kodamas you find. Collecting all 150 Kodamas in Nioh 2 will also earn you a trophy.

Kodama Location #1
Go straight from the first shrine of the mission into the courtyard and you will see the Kodama.

Kodama Location #2
At the end of the courtyard where you found the first Kodama, you have to climb a ladder leading to the rooftops. Keep going left on the rooftops until you enter a building with a Yoki inside it. Defeat him to collect the Kodama he was guarding.

Kodama Location #3
Head back to the rooftop and the ladder you climbed up from. This time, instead of going left, take a right. Keep walking and you will eventually reach the Kodama near some beams.

While these may not be enough Kodama, every last one of them helps to increase your Elixir count so it is a good idea to collect them all.

Make sure you visit all 3 The Golden Nation Kodama locations before you head onwards for the Onryoki boss fight.

As the original Nioh players might remember, Onryoki can be quite an annoying boss to deal with so you will need all the help you can get and the extra elixir count certainly comes in handy.