Nioh 2 The Frenzied Blaze Kodama Locations Guide

Kodamas are found in every area of Nioh 2 and collecting all 150 of them will give you the Kodama Leader trophy. Additionally, every 5 Kodama you find gives you an extra Elixir for that region which can be very handy in boss fights. This guide will help you with all the Nioh 2 The Frenzied Blaze Kodama Locations.

Nioh 2 The Frenzied Blaze Kodama Locations

Below are all 8 Kodama Locations in the Frenzied Blaze.

Kodama Location #1
Found behind the house in the area where you unlock the shortcut to the 1st shrine.

Kodama Location #2
Second Kodama is right behind the gate at the exit of the first Dark Realm.

Kodama Location #3
From the second shrine, walk towards the burnt up tree in an open courtyard-like area. You will see a ladder leading up to a roof near the courtyard.

Go up the ladder and then climb to the broken rooftop next to the roof you just climbed on to collect the Kodama.

Kodama Location #4
Back again in the courtyard you just climbed up from, go towards the big house with open doors. Stay on the outer walkway of the house and go right to see the Kodama.

If you go from the second Shrine, turn left to reach the house and then the Kodama will be on the right walkway.

Kodama Location #5
Go behind the house on the opposite side of the last Kodama location to walk over a pile of debris and come down the stairs on the other side. go directly ahead and behind the wooden wall and around the boulders at the corner to find the Kodama.

Kodama Location #6
Left of the ladder that you just came down is a house. Go inside to find the Kodama in a corner.

Kodama Location #7
The next Kodama is left of the door leading to the mission boss (just after 3rd Shrine), behind the pillars and across the fire.

Kodama Location #8
Go left from the 3rd Shrine, the one just before the Kasha boss fight, and you will see a Yokai illusory wall. Destroy the wall to access the Kodama hidden behind it.

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