Nioh 2 Tengu’s Disciple Nue Boss Guide

This Nioh 2 Nue Boss guide will cover some tips and tricks on how to defeat the Nue Yokai boss in the Shadows Creep in the Kurama side mission of Nioh 2’s Tengu’s Disciple DLC.

Nioh 2 Nue Boss

Nue is a Chimera-Tiger beast that first showed up in Nioh 1. Nue is now back in the new Nioh 2: The Tengu’s Disciple DLC, and you will face this boss at the end of a side mission.

Nue is now powerful than ever but not too hard enough to defeat. It will only take you a few minutes to slaughter the beast.

Nue Boss fight Tips and Tricks

Nue is immune to any Lightning attack or potions, and his only weakness is Water. Equip any Water element weapons, potions e.t.c and get ready for the fight.

Nue has a variety of attacks that he can use against you. One of his attacks is a vertical roll towards the player.

Slide to any side and beware of the lightning bolts that he will leave behind. This attack will leave him open for a quick hit. Land a single hit on him and get away from him.

Another one of his attacks is where he shoots a beam of lightning from his mouth in a horizontal position. You cannot block this beam, but you can dodge the beam by sliding in the opposite direction.

Nue staple attack will shoot four consecutive claps of thunder that are very deadly. Keep running from the thunder strikes and do not try to attack him during this period.

One of his red aura attacks is where he spins in a full circle and uses his tail to attack. You can easily dodge this if you keep a distance from him.

When Nue summons the Dark Realm, your Ki regeneration rate will be slowed down. He will now use more of his red aura attacks and will be faster.

Nue’s most dangerous red auras attack is when he jumps back and rushes towards you rapidly. Your safe bet to dodge this attack is to slide to any side and react fast.

Wait for an opening and attack on his belly that is his weak spot.

Keep hitting him once at a time and get away from him. You don’t need to block any of Nue’s attacks. Just keep a medium to high range from him and land a single hit when you get the chance.

When you have finally defeated Nue, you will get his Soul Core, Claws, Nene Slayer, Sun and Moon Hatchets, and Mitsuyo Kusarigama weapon. You will also complete the Shadows Creep in Kurama sub-mission.

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