Nioh 2 Tatarimokke Boss Guide

You are going to encounter a lot of boss fights in Nioh 2. Among them, there will be a boss fight with Tatarimokke. This Nioh 2 Tatarimokke Boss guide is going to give you information on the boss along with some tactics and strategies you require for the fight.

Nioh 2 Tatarimokke Boss

You are going to encounter Tatarimokke during A Way Out mission of the game.

The area where you will be fighting of Tatarimokke is an irregular platform where poison orbs are found near the buildings which you can use to increase your damage to the boss.

Since it is a cave area, you will have a tough time dodging attacks so make sure you bring your A-game and time your blocks perfectly.

Tatarimokke is a huge owl boss who can perform different attacks using his beak, claws, and wings. Wait for it to land on the ground before you decide to attack it.

Go for the boss’s eye in order to do it some damage. Aim at his eye and make sure you hit them when you attack. This deals both, the health and the Ki damage. Burst Counter can be a very effective way to deal damage to his eyes.

Once you destroy all three eyes of the boss, you will take its ability to shoot a laser beam which can otherwise be devastating.

The wing attacks of Tatarimokke are weak so you can easily block them without worrying about the Ki Damage. Block his wing attack until he performs his burst attack, which you can see by the red aura, and then use your burst counter in order to destroy his eyes.

During the fight, Tatarimokke will transfer into the Dark Realm and you will have difficulty spotting him before attacks so you need to be extra cautious.

The boss will spawn a red orb that summons minions which can deal a lot of Ki damage and leave behind Yokai pools. Destroy the red orb while avoiding damage to leave the Dark realm.

Some of Tatarimokke attacks are listed below

Beak Attack: It comes forward to grapple you with its beak and deals you a lot of damage.

Wing Attacks: Uses the wings to attack from the sides.

Feather Attack: A ranged feather attack that comes in a wide arc in front of him.

Claws Attack: A two-hit combo forwarded with its claws.

Beam Attack: This is a red beam that Tatarimokke shoots out from his eyes.

Spinning Attack: It will spin dealing AOE damage around him.

Once you defeat Tatarimokke, you can collect its Soul Core to upgrade yourself.