Nioh 2 Shuten Doji Boss Guide

Shuten Doji is a very menacing boss to fight, and can be super challenging if you don’t understand the proper strategy for this fight. This Nioh 2 Shuten Doji Boss guide will show you exactly what you need to do to defeat Shuten Doji.

Nioh 2 Shuten Doji Boss

Shuten Doji has a giant, hulk-ish figure and is easily one of the most intimidating enemies in the game. Based on his appearance, he may seem incredibly menacing but in reality, he’s actually one of the ‘weaker’ bosses in the game.

His weakness comes from his terrible agility. It seems like all that muscle on his frame really slows him down. You’ll notice this in the boss fight when you see how slowly Shuten Doji recovers after performing an attack. Though, that muscle does bring a lot of power with it.

He uses a long mace-like weapon that has a great range. Despite his otherwise slow movement speed, he does swing this weapon around very quickly.

Add on the fact that it has a significant range, plus deals a lot of damage. You want to keep an eye on it throughout the fight and start evading as soon as it seems like he is about to swing it.

Shuten literally swings his weapon around in this fight; he can even swing it multiple times in a row. Since you will be fighting him in a closed space, you have to aware of your surroundings to not get trapped in a corner.

Aside from swinging his weapon around, Shuten will also perform other attacks, like jumping forward and striking down with it, and a stomp attack. Most of his attacks are pretty easy to dodge, you just have to watch out for the swinging.

Shuten’s most menacing attack is his fire-breath. He’ll spray out some fire all around him, which sets the floor on fire. The fire goes away quickly but you have to be extra cautious with your movement when it is present.

An interesting thing about this fight is that throughout it, Shuten will keep drinking from a bottle and getting drunk. This will result in him sometimes falling down. This will further make the fight easier for you.

After you get him down below 50% health, he will get even drunker and will start wobbling around. You should be able to take him down very easily after this.