Nioh 2 Saika Magoichi Boss Guide

Saika Magoichi makes his return in Nioh 2, and this time with a few more tricks up his sleeve. If you are struggling to defeat him, our Nioh 2 Saika Magoichi Boss Guide should help.

He makes his appearances in the ‘Pervading Waters’ and ‘The Third World’ missions. He can be relatively difficult to beat if it’s your first time facing him.

Nioh 2 Saika Magoichi Boss

The first Saika Magoichi boss fight will happen in the ‘Pervading Waters’ main-mission.

If you played the first Nioh game, you’ll remember fighting him in a cramped room which was up in flames. This time, however, you’ll be fighting him in a large, open area.

This massive room has multiple pillars which will help you out a lot in this fight.

Since Saika has wings, he can fly like a bird. Once he gets up in the air, he is quite difficult to handle. This is where the pillars come into play.

As soon as you see Saika go airborne, run behind one of the pillars and stay there until Saika shoots thrice. The pillar will protect you from these shots.

He’ll drop back down to the ground after that, and become vulnerable for a couple of seconds. Get as many attacks in as you can at this moment.

Saika shoots all around the room using his incredibly powerful moves. He will perform this melee attack which can literally kill you in one hit. Again, the pillars are your best friend here.

Keep yourself behind the pillars. Do not run out into the open parts of the room. Just keep waiting until he comes near you so you can attack him; as he doesn’t really block when he’s coming towards you.

You basically need to attack him around the pillar. He’ll throw some bombs here and there but you can easily block them with L1.

One of Saika’s most note-worthy moves in this fight is his fireball attack. These are a bit tricky to dodge as they target you even if you are behind a pillar.

When he uses his fireball attack, what you need to do is move diagonally.

If you keep running at this angle to the other side of the room, the fireballs will not be able to hit you. After these fireballs are gone, go back to the camping behind pillars strategy and this fight should go smoothly.

You will have to fight Saika once more in ‘The Third World’ side-mission. This time he won’t be as difficult as he was previously because by the time you reach this fight as you already know all his moves and mechanics.

Instead of pillars, you will have a large rock on the left side of the arena to protect yourself from his shots.

Use the exact same strategy from the previous fight to easily defeat him in this one.