Nioh 2 PS4 Open Beta Announced, No Mention Of PC

You can start making early preparations for Nioh 2 because the anticipated sequel will receive an open beta to showcase the demanding gameplay elements.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Sony announced that the open beta will begin on November 1 and last until November 10 on PlayStation 4. Unlike the closed alpha held earlier this year, you won’t be needing any invitations. Nioh 2 will be open for everyone, without any regard to pre-orders, through the PlayStation Store.

Strangely enough, there has been no mention of an open beta for PC. This is despite the first installment releasing for the said platform. There’s still time though, and an announcement could be made by Team Ninja in the coming days. It would be surprisingly if Nioh 2 ends up as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. With Sony handling publishing duties, the franchise has only been a console exclusive until now. You don’t have to be too concerned about the sequel abandoning PC.

Nioh 2 received an action-packed trailer at Tokyo Game Show 2019 last week that showcased some of the characters, enemies, spirits, and yokai in both in-engine cutscenes and gameplay. While hosting a panel, general producer Hisashi Koinuma confirmed that all weapon types from the first game will return in the sequel but with new moves. In addition, there are going to be several new weapon types that will be revealed in due time.

Nioh 2 features a new player protagonist that can transform into a yokai. However, the transformation will take you into the dark realm where all yokai reside and here, the difficulty curve will smash through the ceiling.

Nioh 2 is scheduled for an early launch in 2020 for PlayStation 4. Team Ninja still hasn’t provided a concrete release date. If the wait is too much, you can always try out the first Nioh which has already sold over 2.75 million copies to date.

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