Nioh 2 Lingering Snow and Crimson Tracks Walkthrough

The 20th side mission in the game, Lingering Snow and Crimson Tracks is an action-packed side mission where you’ll face multiple Yokai throughout your way towards the end. In this Nioh 2 Lingering Snow and Crimson Tracks Walkthrough, we’ve given the entire run of the side mission with the tips to reach the last area and receive the given rewards.

Nioh 2 Lingering Snow and Crimson Tracks

The Lingering Snow and Crimson Tracks side mission is unlocked after completing the Corpses and Ice main mission.

At the start of this side mission, you’ll reach three areas full of Yokai, and you’ll have to kill them till the area ends. Clearing a section allows you to rest at the shrine without the need of fighting any more Yokai in the area.

In the first section, you’ll encounter four Yokai. A Karakasa Umbrella near the shrine and a One-eyed Imp appearing after you kill the Karakasa Umbrella. Just remember to kill the One-eyed Imp before it turns into a One-eyed Oni.

The third Yokai is the Snowclops accompanied by another Karakasa Umbrella. The Karakasa Umbrella shoots paralyzing arrows therefore its highly recommended to kill it first then target the Snowclops.

Once all the Yokai are killed, a path will open which leads you to the second section. Don’t forget to rest at the shrine each time a section opens.

In the second section of the Lingering Snow and Crimson Tracks mission, you’ll face an Enki accompanied by a Karakasa Umbrella and One-Eyed Imp. Moving forwards you’ll encounter a Namahage paired with a blue Oni-bi.

Once you’ve killed the pair, you’ll unlock the last section and just like before, make sure to rest at the shrine as it heals you before heading into another rampage.

The last section (Marked Destination) has the most Yokai you’ve faced throughout the mission. First, you’ll face a Snowclops accompanied by a Namahage and a flame/ice Oni-bi.

Deal with the Snowclops and kill the Oni-bi’s first as they shoot projectiles. Once they’re out of the way, go for the Namahage.

As the first wave of Yokai is dealt with, you’ll face the two remaining Yokai, an Enki and a Flying Bolt. Your first target should be the Flying bolt as it shoots projectiles which lowers your movement speed and Enki follows it up by attacking you.

After you’ve cleared the last section of the Nioh 2 side mission, you’ll get rewarded with Ninja Hatchets, Governor’s Helmet, Governor’s Cutlass, and Governor’s Waistguard.

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