Nioh 2 Kasha Boss Guide

In The Frenzied Blaze main mission, you will be up against Kasha, who is one of the most difficult bosses in the game due to how challenging her attacks are to dodge. However, we have prepared a Nioh 2 Kasha Boss Guide to help you out.

Since you can’t just move horizontally to dodge her attacks, this fight will be the bane of your existence if you don’t figure out to properly evade her attacks.

Nioh 2 Kasha Boss

Pretty much every boss before Kasha has simple attacks: you basically just needed to move left to right to dodge them. With Kasha, the game ups its difficulty by introducing multiple different types of attack patterns:

  • Zigzag Rush: She moves forward in a zigzag motion and leaves a trail of fire behind.
  • Fire Circle: She makes a circle of fire.
  • Whip Attack: Attacks you from both sides using her whip.
  • Forward Rush: Charges forward and leaves a trail of fire behind.
  • Stomp Attack: Jumps up in the air and stomps the ground.

Coming into this fight, the essentials are two or more Firestop Talisman and the Firebreak II. This will make you significantly more resistant to fire.

Having a Daion-Jin’s Sake will also help you out a lot if you catch on fire in the fight.

Kasha drives around the arena on her two wheels and leaves a trail of flames wherever she goes. She’ll perform AoE attacks using this ability by driving around in circles or driving straight at you.

You must avoid catching on fire from her fire elemental attacks as these inflict some harsh burning damage-over-time.

Kasha has 2 moves which leave her vulnerable after so you can punish her. The first one is when she drives straight towards you, and ignites the ground behind her.

When she does this, run towards the right – specifically the right – and when she goes by you, run straight towards her.

When she stops and finishes her move, this is your golden opportunity to deal as much damage as you can to her.

She’ll be vulnerable for a few seconds, giving you a chance to land a long combo on her. Try to deal extra damage to her by destroying the yellow crystals on the side of her two wheels.

The second move is when she does a charged attack (red aura) and slides at you, leaving two separate trails of fire in her path. She will also be vulnerable for about 4 seconds after this attack.

These two attacks of Kasha are pretty much the only ones that can be punished. For the rest of the fight, you need to stay away from her and avoid attacking her.

Run away in a straight line backward from her and just block all the attacks you can.

Remember to block, not dodge, as dodging is very risky due to the range and motion of her attacks.

Later in the fight, she will go into Dark Realm, which has two phases. In the first one, she spawns a sawblade that targets you for a while. Keep running around the battlefield and wait till it despawns.

In the second phase, she spawns two small Gaki. Though they are small and have half the health of a normal Gaki, they compensate for it by having twice the damage. You have to be very cautious when trying to kill them.

If you follow all these steps properly, you should not have a much difficult time beating Kasha.