Nioh 2 Darkness in the Capital Minamoto no Yorimitsu Boss Guide

Our Nioh 2 Minamoto no Yorimitsu Boss Guide will get you up to speed with everything that you should be aware of to beat the Minamoto no Yorimitsu Boss in Darkness in the Capital DLC.

Nioh 2 Minamoto no Yorimitsu Boss

Minamoto no Yorimitsu, the demon slayer, is the first Boss that you’ll encounter in Darkness in the Capital DLC.

She is a human enemy who appears in the Main Mission, Suzune in the Flame. Remember that being human makes her vulnerable to Fire, Corruption, and Poison.

Boss Fight
Wielding a deadly, fiery sword named Sohayamaru, Minamoto no Yorimitsu will start off the battle by summoning a Yokai from beneath the ground.

The cue for this move will be a noticeable grey field under you.

You’ll have nearly a second to spot this and get yourself to safety before the Yokai makes a hit on you.

She will continue to summon Yokai throughout the battle to make your life miserable. If you keep your eyes wide open, you won’t have trouble countering this move.

Apart from bringing forth Yokai to fight her battle, she will carry out different attacks and moves from within her diverse arsenal.

So, let’s go ahead and take a look at each of these attacks and the best way you can counter them!

Pillars of Flame
Yorimitsu will call her Guardian Spirit and let off a stream of piercing flames to track you down.

Your best bet is to outrun it. You’ll find that these flames travel a relatively short distance before vanishing.

Double Pillars
Yorimitsu will bash her sword on the ground, causing pillars of flame to appear in front of her.

Just as mentioned above, evade the stream of flames, and when you see her try to carry out this attack again, dash towards her through the gap and land a couple of hits on her.

Forward Leaping Attack
Yorimitsu will jump up high in the air and will try to land an overhead attack on you.

When she’s about to land, dodge her, and in the meantime when she’s recovering from the tiring landing, exploit her position of weakness by striking her hard from behind.

2-Hit Strike
Yorimitsu will charge at you with two consecutive slashes of her sword, and then, she’ll recede.

Leap back to dodge her sword slashes, and when she’s done performing this move, take an offensive and try to dish out some damage.

Circular Swing
Yorimitsu will perform a full swing of her sword on you and then release some menacing flames from it.

You can easily block this attack right from where you’re positioned.

However, if you’re an opportunist, after blocking this attack off, rush towards her and strike her repeatedly when her cover is down.

Since Yorimitsu is a human being, you should also focus on using Sloth Talisman and Weakness Talisman to wear her down.

When her HP is down to almost 30%, a messenger named Kinkoi will call upon her with an emergency on the main gate.

Having said that, she will run off with her messenger, and the mission will be marked as completed.

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