Nioh 2 Dark Omens Kodama Locations Guide

If you are on the hunt for some Kodamas to earn yourself the trophy, our Nioh 2 Dark Omens Kodama Locations Guide has you covered with all the necessary information.

The reason you should definitely be getting Kodamas is that for every 5 Kodama you find you get an extra Elixir for that region. Finding all 150 Kodama will unlock the Kodama Leader trophy.

Nioh 2 Dark Omens Kodama Locations

Don’t worry if you go through the mission without collecting the kodamas as everything is collectible through the option of mission select allowing you to replay the mission.

Kodama Location #1
While following the main path from the start of the mission/ first shrine. Enter the fence boundary of the first house you see on the right and walk to the back to the house.

You will see the Kodama behind some breakable boxes next to the fence.

Kodama Location #2
Follow the path uphill and take a right at the first intersection. Keep following the path until you see a cliff with some statues underneath it. The kodama is next to one of the statues.

Kodama Location #3
Go back down the path after collecting the second kodama, turn left and then head up the stairs leading to the big house, with an enemy on top of the stairs.

Halfway through the stairs, you will see an opening on the left, underneath the house. Go inside the opening and you will see the Kodama on some rocks.

Hopefully, this guide proved useful in your hunt for Kodamas and leading them back to the shrines.

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