Nioh 2 Character Creation Tips

One new feature that Nioh 2 has over its predecessor is the character creator. You can make use of the game’s customization editor to play the game with the character YOU want to play as. This guide will cover all Nioh 2 Character Creation Tips that you will need.

Nioh 2 Character Creation Tips

Nioh 2’s character editor starts up as soon as you start the new game. The creation process is divided into the following stages:


  • Gender
  • Default face
  • Character’s posture,
  • Skin color
  • Complexion


  • Face Shape
  • Eyes
  • Pupils
  • Eyebrows
  • Nose
  • Mouth
  • Ears
  • Age
  • Accessories
  • Scars or tattoos


  • Hair Style
  • Length
  • Curliness
  • Club Length
  • Colour
  • Shine
  • Hair Tips 1
  • Hair Tips 2
  • Hair Tips 3

Facial hair

  • Type
  • Shine
  • Tip Color
  • Tip Area
  • Tip Shine
  • Bear (Jaw)
  • Mustache


  • Eyeliner Type
  • Eyeliner Color
  • Eye Shadow Type
  • Eye Shadow Color
  • Eye Shadow Shine
  • Eyelash Type
  • Eyelash Color
  • Eyelash Length
  • Lipstick Type
  • Lipstick Color


  • Height
  • Head Size
  • Weight
  • Muscularity
  • Chest Size


  • Type
  • Pitch

Yokai form

Yokai Shift: Brute

  • Horn Type
  • Maintain Human Form Hair

Yokai Shift: Feral

  • Horn Type
  • Maintain Human Form Hair

Yokai Shift: Phantom

  • Horn Type
  • Maintain Human Form Hair

Create a random character.

If you want, you can remake your character in-game by the following method:

Go to Menu > Hut > Character Creation.

In addition to that, you can load into other skins and save your character so that you can later load it. The saved character can be shared and other players’ characters can be loaded by inserting a code.