Nioh 2 Builds Guide

From agile ninjas, to a heavy samurai; Nioh 2 has it all. Depending on the gear you pick, your character’s playstyle will change. It all boils down to your preference. To help you out with the perfect build for your playstyle, we have this Nioh 2 Builds guide.

Nioh 2 Builds

If you like dealing high damage, but a slow moveset, you might consider packing a heavy weapon, or maybe you prefer agility, and like to have maximum mobility around your enemy. Keeping all those things in mind, we have selected a few builds that you might find interesting.


The Ninja Build focuses on mobility, range and throwables. For most of the duration, you will be taking your enemies down by using shurikens and such.

The build focuses on wearing light armor to have maximum mobility so that you can always maintain a good distance between you and your enemy.

For the ninja build we will be focusing on armor that helps increase the damage of our throwables as much as possible.

The armor I’d recommend is the Shinobi armor as it provides an adequate boost to all the stats we will be needing for this build.

Kusarigama is going to be our go-to weapon for this build and it is an added bonus if you have the poison damage bonus on this weapon.

Considering we’ll be using the poison shurikens to inflict poison on our enemies, the Kusarigama can seal your enemy’s doom with its bonus damage to poisoned enemies pretty easily.

For stats we will be focusing on Dexterity primarily. On the side, you can invest a few points in Heart and Skill.

Try to focus on Heart a bit so you can have a little bit of extra Ki instead of being completely vulnerable to your enemies. Not everybody’s perfect to evade every single hit after all.

Fuma Ninja

I wouldn’t recommend going with this build if you are going through the game for the first time; it will ruin your experience considering how easy it makes the game.

However, if you are looking for something to use in order to farm certain areas, and/or get through annoying side-missions ASAP, then this is the build for you.

This is essentially a more upgraded version of the previously mentioned Ninja Build, instead of using Shinobi armor, we will be using the Fuma Ninja armor, which is the heart and soul of this build.

The name of this build is named after the armor itself, the Fuma Ninja armor focuses a lot on increasing your Ninjutsu Power and increasing your Shuriken and Kunai damage.

There’s a bit of flexibility for what weapon you want to pick here, you can choose dual swords, a spear, a switchglaive; anything really.

A stat that would be a plus one for this build is the backstab damage because it will amplify your Kunai’s damage as well.

With your ranged weapon, it is recommended that you have an agility damage bonus; since Fuma Ninja armor is extremely light, you will see a significant boost in your Kunai damage due to the agility damage bonus.

In accessories, we will be using writing sets due to their huge boost to Ninjutsu Damage, adding more to the already devastating damage of your throwables.

Similar to the previous build, our main focus here is dexterity; we need to make sure that it is as high as possible.

You can also spend some points on Heart and Constitution throughout the build to increase your survivability; considering how squishy your character will be because of the light armor.

Consider some points into Courage as well for greater Ki Recovery speed during combat.

Anima Build

For Armor we’d be focusing on getting our hands on Genryu’s Armor Set.

Having all 5 sets allows us to have various bonuses which include 12 percent increase in melee bonus damage, an increase in anima absorption, a decrease in damage taken from enemies, an increase in amrita gauge charge and an extended yokai shift.

For the weapon, I’d recommend using the Kusarigama since we will be prioritizing Magic and Dexterity. Both of those skills will be adding to the deadliness of the Kusarigama. The skill-set the weapon has is also great for crowd control.

In accessories we’re looking for Magatama in particular which allows for a 5.4% increase in Anima Charge and 2.9% increase in Untouched Ammo along with added magic to Defense as a nice bonus.

The stats we are going to be increasing for this build will be Dexterity and Magic. Dexterity helps in increasing damage of your throwables. Magic helps your boosts through various talismans.

For this build, you are also going to want to increase Stamina and Strength; 13 for Stamina is enough, and 10 for Strength is just fine. After that, you can shift back to Magic and Dexterity.

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