Nioh 2 Best Stats Guide

Nioh 2 has improved on its predecessor in terms of mechanics and gameplay in many ways. We will be working on showing you the ropes regarding each stat and their functioning; so with an overview of all of the benefits and Nioh 2 best stats, you can design your own playstyle.

Nioh 2 Best Stats

Each stat correlates with certain weapons and increases survivability for your character in certain situations.

Increasing the body stat is going to give you more health, as well as increase your resistance to poison, and make you more immune to paralysis.

The stat also increases your damage with a Spear greatly and improves your handling with the Tonfas and Kusarigama.

Increasing the strength of your heart, you will notice a great increase in the Ki bar, along with an increase in the Ki regeneration.

Upgrading this stat also slightly improves your health bar. The Heart stat when leveled up, also allows for greater proficiency with the Sword, Dual Swords and a slight improvement with the Odachi.

Raising your Courage eliminates fear and allows for faster recovery of Ki, allowing you to block attacks more often and with more confidence.

Courage also gives a boost to Lightning Resistance along with slight improvement to the Life bar and Onmyo Power.

This stat also provides proficiency with Tonfas, and a considerable improvement in skill with Axe and Hatchets.

Stamina is going to be an important role that you will want to improve upon sooner or later.

If you want to tank out attacks and be able to survive on the battlefield for a bit longer; you need to be able to bear a lot of weight.

Stamina deals with that issue by allowing you to wear more armor pieces without having to compromise too much speed. Stamina gives proficiency with the Axe, improvement with the Odachi and slight mastery over Hatchets.

Improving Strength is going to increase the Ki regained if you perform a successful Key Pulse. It also slightly improves on Life, and allowing you to carry a bit more weight.

Strength allows you to gain mastery over the Odachi, and improve your skills with the Sword and the Spear; also giving you slight mastery over the Dual Swords, Axe and Kusarigama.

Contributing points to Skill will allow for even greater effects of Ki Pulse, along with a slight increase in Life and Ninjutsu Power.

Skill provides proficiency in Dual Swords, and Hatchets. It also gives improvement over the Sword, Spear, Kusarigama and Switchglaive.

Dexterity improves upon the Ninjutsu Power, and Ninjutsu Capacity; along with providing additional defense from incoming Poison attacks, and provides slight immunity to Paralysis.

Dexterity stat allows for proficient use of the Kusarigama, and adds slight improvement to the use of Tonfas.

Raising Magic is a good idea if you plan on using spells a lot as it increases your Onmyo Power, and Onmyo Capacity. It provides extreme proficiency with the Switchglaive.

Stats to Focus On
The thing about stats is that if you try to improve everything little by little; you won’t get the damage output you need to take down enemies later on in the game.

For this reason, you must pick the weapon you like the best, pick the one that’s your favorite, and mold all your skills in accordance with that weapon.

So, for example, let’s say you like to use a sword, then you’d be focusing on Heart, Skill and Strength. All three of these stats allow for better scaling for your sword

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