Nioh 2 Azai Nagamasa Boss Guide

Azai Nagamasa is a human boss that you will encounter during the story mission Bird In A Cage. This Nioh 2 Azai Nagamasa Boss guide will cover everything you need to know regarding this boss fight such as what to watch out for and what strategy to go for.

Nioh 2 Azai Nagamasa Boss

This boss fight shouldn’t bear too much of a challenge so just have your Spear ready. Really any weapon should do. Just follow the usual strategy for fighting human bosses.

Wait for him to start attacking and then run to the side of the fight area. Once his combo misses you, you can land in some counter-attacks. Stick by the right side to successfully execute this maneuver and keep repeating it.

Azai Nagamsa has wings, and he’s going to take full advantage of them. Covering the vast majority of his body, they’ll deflect all projectiles and attacks so stay on your guard and don’t bother with attacks when he is using his wings, it’s better to recover your Ki during this time.

You can avoid getting hit with greater success if you maintain a small bit of distance between yourself and Azai Nagamasa. For this purpose, you should press Triangle to do the Mid-Stance spear attack and keep repeating until you win.

You don’t have to worry about the Azai Nagamasa boss too much since the attacks don’t do an excessive amount of damage to you. As is the case with pretty much every human boss in Nioh 2, defeating Azai Nagamasa shouldn’t be too much trouble.

His hits can be blocked without draining any significant amount of Ki, and even that won’t be needed if you follow the strategy of dodging that we mentioned above.

If you summon a friend to help you in the fight, you will make even quicker work of Azai. While one of you distracts him, the other can easily flank and attack from behind dealing bonus damage to defeat Azai Nagamasa in no time.