Nioh 2 A Favor for the Blacksmith Walkthrough

A Favor for the Blacksmith is a side mission where players have to find Toyo’s valuables that are buried within the village of Tatara. This Nioh 2 A Favor for the Blacksmith Walkthrough will help you complete the mission with ease.

Nioh 2 A Favor for the Blacksmith

You are going to start by finding yourself underground in the village of Tatara. Just west of your standing position, you are going to find your first Kodama Shrine of the mission.

Move around a little and you will come to a dead-end where you are going to find a dweller. You have to take out this dweller and then loot its corpse in order to find Small Spirit Stone.

Retrace your steps to where the ladder was and climb it to reach the village. Right at the top, there is a corpse for you to loot but as you go near it, a Toxic Slime will attack you.

Kill the yokai and loot the corpse. Now head outside to find Mumyo near the gate of the village. You have to interact with her which will make her accompany you.

Go east from the gate and near the flames, you are going to encounter a Gaki and Yoki. Once you kill both, you are going to find Large Spirit Stone from its corpse.

Now follow the marked location on the mini-map taking you towards village proper. You are going to encounter a Yoki and a Dweller inside the house to your left.

You are going to find the mist of the Dark Realm as you go straight and the yokai that is within it is an Ippon-Datara.

If Mumyo is fighting in the battle and takes too much damage then you need to assist her and give her time to recover. She can recover by herself if there are no enemies around.

As you make your way to the village, you are going to come across some bandits which are standing on the rooftops.

Use your arrows to take down these bandits and also the yokai wandering around. Search the house on your left for loot and inside is a corpse that is behind a closed door that can be looted as well.

Now follow the marker which is taking you towards your objective and soon you are going to find a wooden bridge. You are going to encounter a number of yokai here including Wheelmonk, Dweller, and Gaki and some bandits on the rooftops.

Once you clear all the enemies, use the ladder inside the house to climb up to the rooftops and follow the path towards a dual-sword wielding bandit.

Take him out and continue forward to encounter yet another bandit along with a dweller. Loot all the corpses and get down to follow your objective.

You have to kill a Yokai that’s underground and inside a dark realm. Outside, you will come across a Dweller and a Gaki which you have to knock out as well. As you enter the dark realm, you are going to encounter Ippon-Datara which is the source of the Dark Realm.

Kill it in order to receive various equipment and items and an Ippon-Datara Soul Core. Also, you will obtain a Smithing Text: Ippon-Datara’s Hammer. You have successfully completed A Favor for the Blacksmith mission and in order to exit the mission, speak to Mumyo.