Nintendo Switch Version Of Fallout 4 May Be Coming Out Soon

A Nintendo Switch version of Fallout 4 may be coming to Nintendo’s console soon, according to a rumor that’s been circulating from a Spanish online retailer. This would make yet another third-party game that’s coming to the Switch…if the retailer isn’t mistaken, or even that the rumor is outright false.

Various rumors have been coming around recently about games being made that turn out to be hoaxes, such as Bethesda and Rockstar, the creators of the Elder Scrolls and Grand Theft Auto series respectively, will be making Game of Thrones games. Both of these came from a Target listing that has since been confirmed as false by the store.

Fallout 4 was one of Bethesda’s biggest successes in recent years, despite problems that a number of fans had with it. With the Nintendo Switch’s ability to be picked up on the go, it’s possible that the game may sell a good number of copies just from Switch owners that want to take the game on the go.

A number of big-name third party games have already come or are coming to the Nintendo Switch, such as a version of FIFA 18, which will come out the same day that the game’s other versions do on September 29. However, there would be risks that come with porting such a huge game over to the Switch.

FIFA 18 came to the Nintendo Switch, yes, but the game isn’t as graphically impressive as the versions on other platforms, and it’s missing its much-advertised story mode in favor of another multiplayer component. Fallout 4, with its huge amount of content and big world, might have a similar problem; it may have to have some stuff cut out to make it able to run on the Switch, but that depends on if the advertisement is real.

Either way, we’ll have to wait on an announcement from either Nintendo or Bethesda to see if a Nintendo Switch version of Fallout 4 really is coming at some point.


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