Nintendo Switch Sales Drop Year-Over-Year, Why?

Leaked NPD reports reveal that Nintendo Switch sales have dropped as compared to the last year. It's maybe due to the lack of big titles in September.

Nintendo Switch sales report for September have been revealed by the NPD group to some members of the press. These reports reveal a year over year drop in the total number of Nintendo Switch sales.

According to the leaked reports, Nintendo Switch managed to sell 260,000 units in the month of September. These numbers are less when compared to the last year. As you all know, Switch launched back in 2017 so it was expected that the sales will be lesser than the first year.

Selling 260k Nintendo Switch consoles is still not a poor performance by the company in a month like September. There’s no actual reason known for this decrease. Maybe it’s due to the lack of major titles in September.

The official report will be released next week. That’s when we will have a closer look at the numbers and will be able to share them with you. As for Nintendo, the company is expecting an increase in sales during the upcoming holiday season.

We might see a massive rise in sales if the rumors for Switch upgrade in 2019 are true. It’s been in rumors for some time that Nintendo is working on a new version of Nintendo Switch. Specs of the new machine are not yet known but according to the reports, it will have a better display.

Nintendo Switch has already sold more than 20 Million units worldwide.

Nintendo Switch has made a name for itself in the gaming industry. Recently we saw Huawei intruding a new Tablet to take on Nintendo Switch. Huawei introduced Mate 20 X by saying that it’s a better gaming machine than the Switch. Though Mate 20 X does have a very impressive hardware but it does lack big games like The Legend Of Zelda on Switch.

It’s the perfect time for you to get your hands on the Nintendo Switch as Fortnite crossplay is finally possible. You can play Fortnite on the go with your friends on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

Nintendo Switch Online service is now also available. It allows you to save your progress to the cloud and also brings some free Nintendo classic games along with the ability to play online.

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