Nintendo Switch vs Xbox One Sales, Can Nintendo Take Over Before the Next-Gen?

Nintendo Switch Sales recently reached 19 million bechnmark but will they be able to surpass Xbox One sales before the Next Gen Console rolls out?

One of the most popular news that seems to have taken the internet lately, is related to Nintendo Switch Sales. According to the Nintendo’s quarterly earnings report, it seems like it has sold over 19.67 million Nintendo Switch consoles. Which might come off as quite a remarkable achievement but we would recommend you, to hold your horses if you are thinking that it might surpass Xbox One Sales soon. Now although they have sold over 19 million units, the rate of sales has slowed down quite significantly. At the moment in terms of sales, we have PS4 at the top and Xbox One at the second place and Switch at third. The question is does Nintendo Switch have the potential to surpass Xbox One sales before Microsoft’s Next Gen Console rolls out? It seems like a long shot for Nintendo.

Well let us back up a little bit, Microsoft announced its Next Gen Console at the E3 2018, although they did not imply any release date, bets are we won’t be seeing it before 2020. This leaves Nintendo about two years if they are looking to surpass Xbox One sales.

Now, coming to Xbox One sales, you may already know that Microsoft has not been revealing its Xbox Sales for quite some time now, the last figure anyone has is for the year 2017, which were reported to be about 30 million units. So almost half a year up, there have only been speculations about the Xbox One sale but even those last reported sales depicted a downward trend for the Xbox One. At the moment the assumptions are that Xbox sales are laying around somewhere near 45 Million.

Coming to the console of the hour, Nintendo Switch sales although may have increased but bear in mind that its sales trend has dropped compared to the readings from March report. As of March, Nintendo Switch Sales were reported to be about 17.79 million. Which means that the company has only managed, to sell around 1.88 million units of Switch up till now. If that is not enough to depict its downward trend, then perhaps you will consider this. Just a few months back Electronic Arts in its financial conference for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year, 2018, among other things predicted Switch sales to reach about 30 million by the end of the year, while for Xbox EA predicted 56.4 million.

Putting all that into context we have, Xbox One sales to be currently assumed at above 40 million and Nintendo Switch sales at 19 million. From the last recollection, Xbox One sales had a downward trend and Switch has had a slightly downward trend. Now in about two years, it is assumed that Microsoft’s Next Gen Console will be out, considering that as plausible, can Nintendo Switch Sales surpass Xbox One sales?

Well, our bets are it is a long shot and that Switch might cut close but will not be able to surpass it. Paul Tassi at Forbs is of the similar opinion, as according to him Switch Sales are slowing down and there are a lot of other factors behind it. Other factors like game lineups for the next two years will also play a vital role in determining the sales for both. Also considering the fact that Microsoft might also be going easy for the current gen games and will start aiming for the Next Gen Consoles, there will be a big chance for Switch to capture that time span.

So what are your thoughts, do you think the same? Or beg to differ? Let us know what you think in the comments below.