Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Having D-pad Issues, Multiple Reports Claim

Nintendo Switch launch is not being easy. Players report issues almost every day, and now a new problem is affecting the Switch's peripherals.

Nintendo Switch launch has not being easy. Players report issues almost every day, and now a new problem is affecting the Switch’s peripherals.

Multiple users on forums are in fact complaining about the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, whose D-Pad is literally going crazy, not letting them play properly. The controller just can’t handle with different inputs, causing one direction to be mistaken for another in result.

The video below talks itself. If you say left, it says right.

At the current moment Nintendo hasn’t said anything about the question, but they’ll have to start working on a fix soon.

However, some Nintendo Switch problems can be fixed easily. There was the case of the dock, that was scratching the console’s screen before being removed by the US Nintendo store.

Well, redditor Yok3r has solved the issue by making a 3D printed dock, that seems to be working better than the original.

This dock uses the same logic board of its counterpart, but it’s more efficient since it’s small, doesn’t scratch screens and it’s not hard to make (if you have a 3D printer).

Unfortunately, the post made by Yok3r has been since deleted, but we are sure that you’ll find similar solutions on the internet.

One more Switch problem has been fixed, but by Nintendo this time.

CNET writer Sean Hollister was one of the people who experienced the Joy-Con connection issue, and he has talked with Nintendo in order to receive support. The company has quickly repaired its Joy-Cons for free and when he opened them, he found out that the fix was a black piece of foam.

After doing some research on the net, Hollister has bought new Joy-Cons, discovering that they weren’t affected by any issue.

Right now it’s only a rumor, so stay-tuned in order to know more.