Nintendo Switch Pro Now Rumored For A 2022 Launch

The long-rumored Nintendo Switch Pro upgrade will now apparently be looking at a global launch somewhere in 2022.

Taking to Twitter on the weekend, Nintendo-focused YouTube channel SwitchUp reported that a Chinese peripheral manufacturer has claimed the Nintendo Switch Pro to not be launching in 2021.

The manufacturer is said to be working on new accessories for the new Switch Pro upgrade and as such, has information backing a worldwide launch in 2022.

The fan-dubbed Nintendo Switch Pro was strongly reported to be getting announced earlier in the month before E3 2021 took place. Nintendo was said to be announcing the hardware first in order to allow its developers to showcase the new Switch Pro games at E3 2021. That however never happened.

Nintendo Switch Pro has been rumored to feature a larger display that will remove the black frames currently surrounding the current model. The display itself will be an OLED screen for 4K output. Some other aesthetic changes include a Microsoft Surface-like openable flap for tabletop gaming and a new dock with an ethernet network port and two USB 3.0 ports over the current USB 2.0 ports.

The new Switch Pro has been rumored to be in the pipelines for more than a year now. Nintendo was previously rumored to have delayed the announcement due to COVID-19. Hence, high expectations that an announcement was surely inbound somewhere in 2021 for a potential launch around the coming holiday season.

Last week, Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser stated that Nintendo is in no rush to introduce any new hardware. He noted that the right time to do so involves a number of factors and as such, Nintendo will continue focusing on its upcoming lineup of new games for the existing Nintendo Switch.

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