Nintendo Switch Online Fan Site Helps Connect Players In Online Games

A Nintendo fan has created a site to allow everyone to find Nintendo Switch Online players nearby. This site allows Switch users to connect with other gamers who want to play online or local.

As everyone knows, it’s annoying to find an online player on Nintendo Switch, especially with long codes. To make it all easier this Nintendo fan came up with this site. You can signup on through Discord. All of your messages will be sent directly to your Discord thus allowing easy communication.

You can enter the game you want to play and the site will match you with other gamers with similar interest. You can also add your Switch online ID so people can add you easily. Any user of the site will be able to see what games you play or send you messages if they are logged in.

By the looks of it on Reddit, it’s going pretty well and gamers are enjoying this hassle-free way to play with others.

It’s a great solution by this fan and something which Nintendo should have looked into earlier. It’s really hard to find players online with similar interests on Nintendo Switch Online.

Nintendo Switch has been a huge success since launch and it has managed to make a big name for itself in the market. We recently saw Huawei taking on the console by introducing Mate 20 X. Worth noticing was that they launched their latest device by saying that it’s a better gaming machine than the Switch.

No matter how powerful that new device is, there’s no match with Switch games. The switch consists of some big exclusive titles which Android cannot match with anytime soon. With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate around the corner, getting Nintendo Switch is the best option for a gamer.

Switch Online is now available and it brings various new features to the console. You can now finally save your progress to the cloud and use it anywhere you go. That’s not all. This new subscription service also brings some Nintendo classic games. Recently we saw Nintendo surprising us with The Legend of Zelda SP.

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