Nintendo Switch Online Facing Issues In China Due to Google-based Servers

Nintendo Switch Online users in China are facing various issues such as black screens and connectivity issues probably due to the new Google-based servers.

It’s been a few days since Nintendo launched their Nintendo Switch Online service worldwide and despite being one of the most awaited things this year on Switch, China users of the Switch are facing problems while connecting to it.

It’s been confirmed by various sources including Chinese YouTube channel of Nintendo which tells that people, especially in China are facing many issues while connecting to the service. These issues include having black screens and connection failures resulting in no online multiplayer for big first-party titles like Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 and more.

Now it’s good to know that people at Nintendo China know about the issue and they recently sent out a Tweet while suggesting that these issues are most probably caused due to “the introduction of Google-based servers.” This was also expected as Google’s sites and most services are banned in China along with social platforms meaning anyone who uses the same service is expected to face this issue.

As GameIndustry.Biz reports, Pokemon Go was intentionally denied a license in China due to it using Google Maps so the case looks worse now.

Now this will not come as a surprise to you that Nintendo Switch hasn’t been officially released in China and still there are no plans for it. People living in China know about their strict policies and we hope in near future they allow such services and with previously lifting of China’s console ban back in 2015, we can at least say that it’s better than before.

We will have to wait and see if Nintendo does have any solution to the problem until then you are lucky if you are not living in China as Nintendo Switch offers some new great features like Cloud Saves which allow you to carry your save files anywhere.

Though these Cloud Saves are limited to some games and will be lost if your subscription ends so be very careful. New Nintendo Switch 6.0 update is now available worldwide bringing all the new features of Nintendo Switch online along with a new way to game share and play NES games especially remade for you to enjoy on the go.

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