Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons Desync Issues Are Caused By Bad Design

A lot of users have reported that their Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons keep desyncing. Specifically, it is the left Pad the one that's annoying people.

A lot of users have reported that their Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons keep desyncing. Specifically, it is the left Pad the one that’s annoying people.

Nintendo hasn’t said anything about the question, but it seems that your defective Joy-Cons can be fixed.

YouTube user Jon Downey have teared down both the Joy-Cons, and he has found out that they aren’t equal. The right one, in fact, has a dedicated antenna that has nothing to do with the other hardware parts, while the left Joy-Con’s antenna is part of the circuit board and is located in an area that is normally covered by the thumbs of the player, near a metal box. Due to this, the signal might get lowered or completely blocked.

However, as already said, there are ways to solve these issues.

According to Jon Downey, everything you have to do is to extend the antenna by soldering a copper wire to it and putting the other end of the wire near the bottom of the Joy-Con. The result is impressive, since the modified Joy-Con can work even 20-30 feet away from the console.

Of course using this method can avoid your warranty, so do it at your own risk.

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Anyhow, there are other problems affecting Nintendo Switch. A Reddit user has made a topic in which he claims that his console doesn’t work anymore and shows the blue screen of death.

He has tried several times to reboot the Switch and do a hard reset, but it was useless.

As a matter of fact, if you are experiencing something like that you can only call your seller and ask for a replacement.

Did the video above help you fixing your Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons?

Nintendo Switch is available worldwide.