Your Nintendo Switch Home Button Lights Up, Here’s How to do it

Did you know that there's an LED under the Nintendo Switch Home Button? It's still not activated as a feature, so we'll have to wait to see how it works.

The fact that your Nintendo Switch has an LED light under its right Joycon Nintendo Switch Home Button is not a secret. What we don’t know though is whether or not the company will activate this feature to notify you of any notifications as it is described in the console manual.

If you take a “stroll” on Youtube, you’ll find people that managed to hack into their device and make the LED under the Nintendo Switch Home Button light up manually. This can be done only by hacking your Nintendo Switch, which we is not recommended in general.

There’s a tutorial that you could follow in case you want to try it yourself, provided by Neither them nor us advise you to do so though if you decide to go through with the procedure, its completely up to you. Here’s what to do (note that this requires hacking that may cause problems to your console, which we are not accountable for):

First, you have to connect your Nintendo Switch right Joycon to a computer. Then you can go to this site and follow the instructions in the post. This will require installing some software. Note that these instructions are very complex and that a thorough computer knowledge is necessary. The site, however, offers tutorial videos to follow, for ease.

Nintendo Switch LED feature seems to be reserved for a later date as a means for Nintendo to send notifications to the players about new games and updates, as happened with the Wii U. For all of us, that don’t want to play with fire and try to test this hack out, we’ll have to wait until Nintendo officially implements this as a feature on the Nintendo Switch.

For what is worth, Nintendo Switch is slowly becoming a must-have console for everyone. Nintendo has previously announced that the Switch has now sold more than 10 million units worldwide with a rise of 2.5 million consoles sold since their last financial update in September.

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