Nintendo President Hints At Wide Array Of Nintendo Switch Hardware

Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima has hinted at a large amount of Nintendo Switch hardware that will be available for the console when it releases.

One thing that a lot of people can remember about the Nintendo Wii is that once it came out, Nintendo was tossing out all kinds of ancillary hardware to go with the Wii U, whether it was steering wheels for driving games or light-guns for shooters. And Nintendo Switch hardware will be no exception.

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According to Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima, the Nintendo Switch will be getting a wide variety of accessories and add-on hardware, as he said in an interview with Bloomberg. Considering the detachable controller parts that can be used on the Switch’s gamepad, Nintendo is likely taking the potential involved in there to its fullest.

Whether an increased amount of Nintendo Switch hardware will help to sell the console, however, remains to be seen. Kimishima has said that Nintendo would like to sell two million units before the end of the year, so an increase in hardware to be able to play any of the third-party games that the Switch will be getting will definitely be a way that they could sell more units.

Considering that the Wii U didn’t sell well during its own run (3.45 million compared to the 5.84 million of the original Wii), Nintendo is likely shooting for another runaway success similar to the Wii. Though, that also depends on whether or not the Switch can adequately serve the needs of the gamers that might buy it.

We won’t be seeing any more details on the Switch or any other Nintendo Switch hardware this year, but with luck we’ll be able to see more of the possibility of adjustable hardware at the Nintendo Switch event, which will be taking place on January 12 of 2017. With luck, hopefully around that time we’ll also be getting more confirmations on the games that we’ll see on the console both from Nintendo and other devs.

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