Report: Nintendo Switch Hacked Using Browser Exploit

Nintendo Switch launched earlier this month with a number of launch titles including the Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. It has been just over a week since the worldwide launch on Nintendo Switch and apparently, the hybrid console has been hacked.

A hacker known by the name of qwertyoruiop has claimed to have hacked the Nintendo Switch. The hacker posted an image of Nintendo Switch with qwertyoruiop’s name on it and with the word “Done”. The hack was reportedly done through a browser exploit but the hacker did not reveal it.

According to security websites(via VentureBeat) that hacker is known for jailbreaks of multiple versions of Apple’s iOS and hacking the PlayStation 4 1.76 version.

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Nintendo is yet to comment on this whole situation and according to the hacker, all he had to do was slightly tweak the existing jailbreakMe iOS Webkit exploit.

However, this is a security concern as if one hacker was able to do it who knows what other might do given that there have been a lot of units for Switch have already been sold. But we are sure the Nintendo will soon address this situation and release a patch to remove the exploit.

in related news, Nintendo has revealed that Nintendo Switch is the best selling console Nintendo ever had in the US.

So we announced the first two days, so now we have data for the US five days in. Continues to be the best-selling system we’ve ever had in the United States. And I’ve launched five systems now with Nintendo, and by far this is the most remarkable given the pace of sales, given what’s happening on the software front – obviously Legend of Zelda – so this is an amazing time for us.

Nitnendo Switch is now avaialbe worldwide and is avaialble for $299.99 in the US.

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