New Nintendo Switch Controller Patent Discovered

Nintendo might be considering launching an all-new Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for its player-base in the near future.

Taking to Twitter on the weekend, an eagle-eyed user discovered a patent for a new Nintendo controller which was published just a couple of months back. The patent was originally filed by Nintendo last July and hence has been hiding in plain sight for nearly eight months now.

Based on a vague, template design from its filed documents, the controller bears similarities with the existing Switch Pro Controller which was itself inspired by the classic Nintendo 64 controller. The blend of the two controllers could also be an arcade design to serve as a fighting game controller for the Nintendo Switch.

The patent however fails to provide any further detail, leaving players to their speculations, at least until Nintendo makes an official announcement.

Nintendo has patented controllers before as well but which were never launched. The new patent should hence not be taken as a confirmation since it too could never see the light of day.

If the mention of a classic Nintendo controller-inspired design has piqued your interest, know that the Switch already has official Nintendo 64 and Super Nintendo Entertainment System controllers, or at least the handheld used to.

Both controllers were sold out worldwide last year and will not be restocked until later in 2022. The option to purchase from a third-party reseller is always there, but at an obvious steep cost.

If there is indeed a brand new controller in the works, Nintendo Switch users will have to keep their fingers crossed for the controller to be completely resistant to drifting issues. The problem has plagued Joy-Cons ever since the console was launched, leading to several lawsuits.

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