Nintendo: Retro Studios Too Busy to Work on Zelda

Miyamoto confirms Retro Studios isn't working on Zelda Wii U...

If you’re wondering what Retro Studios (Metroid Prime) has been up to all these years, you’re going to have to be a bit more patient.

Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo’s main man when it comes to games, confirms that while the studio is indeed working on something, it’s not the oft-rumored “mature” Zelda game that fans were hoping  for.

Retro is very busy right now, but I’m afraid I can’t say exactly what it is that they’re very busy [working] on…”In terms of them working on a Zelda, it’s not out of the question, certainly, for them to work on an entire Zelda game amongst themselves.

Traditionally I think that the Zelda team has always had a close contact with anyone who’s working on a Zelda game. If you were going to have that happen in the US at Retro, that would be kind of difficult for them to be able to coordinate. Certainly they’re too busy for that sort of thing right now.

It would probably require me to be involved to a great extent as well, so I would have to get over quite a bit too. I’d probably have to live in Texas… [laughs]

So, chalk Retro off Zelda for Wii U, then? Obviously, Miyamotot couldn’t go into specifics into what Retro’s exactly working on, but I’m hoping it’s something for core gamers.

What do you want to see out of Retro next? Should we all bug Nintendo to let the team do a more “western” take on the Zelda franchise?

Source: IGN

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