Nintendo Recruiting Level Designers For The Legend of Zelda Series, New Game in the Works?

It turns out that Nintendo is recruiting level designers for Legend Of Zelda series. The position requires the designer to work on events, dungeons, field and actual implementation.

We came to know of this through a recent Twitter post, from a user who goes by the name, “BlackKite”. Who also uploaded an image of the recruitment page where the job was listed.

The level designer position by Nintendo will involve working on game events, dungeons and field with tasks including plan proposals, specifications, adjustments and specifically including the actual implementation.

Furthermore, the level designer will also be working on plans, specifications, adjustments as well as the implementation of the enemies.

Adding to that, they are seeking for planners with a good level of experience in production business of console games and especially who have good command on Japenese language. As language skills will help them work together and better communicate. So language command is a preference.

The Legend Of Zelda is as you may already know, is an action-adventure game. The latest part; Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild, rolled out in 2017 and is available on Nintendo Switch and Wii U.


Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild generated about $1.4 billion in the US since it rolled out. The title already is very popular and Breath Of Wild has not disappointed the title. In fact, it has taken the series to new heights.

In the month of February, 21st DICE Award was held, and this latest Legend Of Zelda Breath Of Wild won four DICE awards. To add more to its glory, the awards were voted over by 30,000 members of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences.

Having said that, there is no doubt that the tile is amazing and fans love it. Not only us, but Nintendo also seems to realize the fact and for that reason and perhaps many other, they seem to be working on the game with more intensity.

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