Nintendo Recalling Wii U Stock From Best Buy, Switch Sweep?

After the horrible failure in sales per unit it is about time Nintendo recalling Wii U back from Best Buy plus Nintendo Switch is near launch by next year

After the poor sale per unit in all these years since launch, finally, Nintendo recalling Wii U stock from Best Buy. The failure of Wii U has rational reasons and it is a false argument that console market is biased towards Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Nevertheless, Nintendo Switch is couple of months away to launch and Wii U being recalled back is a call made right by Nintendo.

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The news about Nintendo recalling Wii U stock back from Best Buy came from a NeoGAF user. The user mentions that zero quantity of Nintendo Wii U consoles were at Best Buy. Furthermore, upon asking the employee about the situation, it was told that all the Wii U consoles were called back for some reason.

Nintendo recalling Wii U before the launch of its next upcoming console Switch is a bit absurd. Technically, why call the units back if you could have sold them cheap on sale, right? Black Friday happened last month and Holiday; a season of sales is still going on, Nintendo could have just dropped the price, sold as much units as possible before Switch appears in market.

But, instead, Nintendo recalling Wii U stock back from Best Buy is a move I can not fathom. Probably, Nintendo has a trick up its sleeve or it’s just a vague and blunt move by Nintendo.

Nintendo Wii U had share of reasons for its failure to float in video game market. For startup, Wii U had poor launch lineup; except Zombie U & New Super Mario Bros, WiI U didn’t offer much.

Second, too expensive for what it offered; Wii U was priced at $299, $100 less than Xbox One and PS4, but additional controllers and complementary large hard disk drive made the total cost high. Third, it launched in wrong time; it launched one year before Xbox One and PS4, but the features and hardware prowess of Wii U belonged to previous generation of consoles.

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