Next Battlefield Game, Star Wars, and More Could Come To Nintendo Platforms, Frostbite Support In The Works

EA is working on making sure Frostbite Engine supports Nintendo platforms. This means that games developed using Frostbite Engine would come to Nintendo Switch and future Nintendo platforms.

The information comes from an EA Software Engineer’s Linkedin Page. The page isn’t public and was discovered by a YouTuber named Doctor 81. The page shows how this developer has worked with current software development kits to enable them for Nintendo Switch.

EA’s Frostbite Engine mentioned by name on his page, however, it mentions SDKs previously used to create Battlefield V and Anthem. And we already know it is the Frostbite Engine that’s used to create Anthem and Battlefield V.

FIFA games are available on Switch but they are using a custom engine unlike PC, PS4, and Xbox One which is using Frostbite Engine.

Games developed using Frostbite Engine would be easier to port on Switch in the coming years. We may see the next Battlefield game, Star Wars, and others on Nintendo platforms. However, it is unlikely that this console platform would be Nintendo Switch. Of course, some of the less demanding Frostbite games would appear on Switch but next Battlefield game and future Star Wars games won’t be appearing on Nintendo Switch.

The hardware capabilities of Nintendo’s current gaming platform isn’t up to par with rivals PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


Next Battlefield game, probably Bad Company 3, won’t be appearing on Nintendo Switch. Next year we are also going to see EA’s Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Sony and Microsoft are preparing their next-gen gaming console but it would be a while before we would see the new Nintendo system. There are rumors of a Nintendo Switch Pro version with better hardware and a new look.

Nintendo Switch is the fastest selling console in the US and overtook PS4 in Japan. This would a perfect time to release the Nintendo Switch Pro.

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