Nintendo NX will be as Profitable as the DS, Wii Era in 3 Years: Kimishima

According to the president of Nintendo, Kimishima, Nintendo NX will make them as profitable as the Wii/ DS era is jsut three years.

We know that Nintendo is thinking big with their upcoming console Nintendo NX, but how big exactly? The president of Nintendo, Tatsumi Kimishima, sound very optimistic – in fact, more optimistic than anyone has been in the company for a while now.

In a recently held interview with Nekkei, he was asked about the future prospects of the company in terms of profitability now that they are gearing up to launch their next gen console.

In his reply, Kimishima boasted that Nintendo NX had the potential to bring the company back to its golden days i.e. the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii era. He claimed that within the first three years of the console’s life, they will be able to record profits that match those days:

There is potential for us to return to the same kind of profitability we had in the Wii and DS era within three years.

That is a lot to claim, but we do know that with the NX, Nintendo is really trying to stretch their potential. Which makes sense because they are still lagging behind in terms of performance against comparative gaming platforms released by their competitors.

It is likely that Nintendo NX will be launched somewhere near the holiday season next year, but the officials are yet to reveal any release window for it.

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