Nintendo NX Virtual Reality Support May Be Viable

The NX system was announced by Nintendo last year. Since then, we've had nothing but rumors. There's a report going around about Nintendo NX virtual reality

Yesterday, we reported on a rumor that NX will support heart-monitoring hardware. We have an update today.

Nintendo remains pretty tight lipped when it comes to the new NX console. The company released close to zero info since Nintendo announced it. Now, there’s a report floating around that it’s possible Nintendo NX virtual reality may be…well, a reality.

The report comes via Design and Trend, which reported the news via the China Times.

The report suggests that Nintendo allegedly started a partnership with Pixart. Pixart is a company that specializes in producing and developing chips. Furthermore, the company mostly makes chips for heart-rate monitoring hardware.

The leaked report describes future sales figures for Pixart hardware. It also goes on to describe a production technique for its new wearable products. The report; however, has an interesting snippet.

Pixart is expected to complete tape-out of chips supporting VR (virtual reality) technology by year-end 2016, said the paper, adding that the chips will support next-generation Nintendo NX gaming machines.

If this report is accurate, the NX wont only compete with current gen consoles, but also Playstation VR and Oculus Rift. The report doesn’t seem to have any concrete details, so it’s worth taking it with a grain of salt.

This does; however, lend credence to why Nintendo has been quiet about the NX so far. Marketing would obviously need to know what they’re marketing to the world and a Nintendo NX virtual reality component is an essential part of this generation’s console experience.

Another point to consider is that the report says nothing about when this VR component arrives. NX Virtual reality might be a long ways off from the release of the NX itself. That said, it’s still interesting information. It puts in doubt the currently rumored release date of March 2017.

Nintendo NX was announced back in March 2015 as a “dedicated games platform with a brand new concept”. Although there’s not a lot of news, rumors about specs and release date are running wild.

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