Nintendo NX Reports Coming Soon? Expected High Price

Nintendo NX reports will be coming from major sites soon apparently, according to Nintendo insider Emily Rogers, along with reports of the console's price.

Nintendo NX reports about the upcoming Nintendo console could be coming pretty soon, and the console sounds expensive. These little tidbits of information all came from Emily Rogers, a Nintendo insider, on her Twitter page just today. Rogers also said that the NX would be expensive but expressed her hopes that it wouldn’t be.

The Nintendo NX hasn’t had very much information about it released officially, though plenty has come through leaks of various patents for various devices that would appear to be accessories for the console.

If Rogers is correct about the sources for info, the Nintendo NX reports will be coming from major news outlets, not Nintendo fan sites. Its price will also likely come from these same reports, but hopefully Rogers will be right and it won’t be too expensive.

Previously, Rogers said that Nintendo NX reports about the console having X86 architecture and an AMD GPU were also false, and that while the console’s specs were good they weren’t that good.

However, they’re likely to be very good, especially considering that one of the console’s launch titles is going to be The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which has won a lot of praise for how nice its visuals are.

The Nintendo NX will also likely continue to have Amiibo support, and will also have quality of life mechanics such as a heart monitor supplied to the console by Pixart. This may only be one part of some kind of fitness program that will eventually launch with the NX to continue the Wii Fit and Wii U Fit games that came with the last two Nintendo consoles.

If Rogers is correct about the Nintendo NX reports we hopefully won’t have very long to wait until we hear something about the console.

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