Nintendo NX Mass Production Still on Hold, Will It Make it to Early 2017

Nintendo NX is expected to release on early 2017, March at best, but Nintendo is yet to mass produce NX

Nintendo NX is expected to release in early 2017, March at best, but Nintendo is yet to mass produce NX. The news comes from Nintendo’s 76th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held last week. According to a statement from Director of Manufacturing and Director, Hirokazu Shinshi:

I’m in charge of manufacturing. Labour costs have shot up in the last 10 years in China and across ASEAN nations. Manufacturing automation has long been practised in Japan, and is now done in China.

While making the same product for a long time, the amount manufactured changes based on things like the Christmas season. It’s easy to automate unchanging production amounts, but it’s difficult when they do change. We’re thoroughly communicating with our partners to make adjustments. As for the NX, manufacturing is being prepped. We’re considering how much to automate


Nintendo NX Mass Production Is an Issue?

This isn’t an issue because going into mass-production completely depends on a company’s capability to manufacture hardware. If Nintendo can handle a delay this shouldn’t be an issue.

Nintendo NX probably won’t go into mass produce until official reveal. Since E3 2016 didn’t bring any news we can’t say for sure when Nintendo will reveal its latest gaming machine. However, it should be shown by the end of the year.

Nintendo NX is rumored to be more powerful than PS4 and Xbox One. Moreover, rumor has it that its production is delayed due to a VR feature. Nintendo jumping into VR isn’t really a surprise. It needs to do something fresh and unique to make its console relevant in the mainstream gaming scene.

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