Nintendo May Reveal Nintendo NX Details Before E3

NeoGAF user Orgen has made a guess that Nintendo will be unveiling Nintendo NX details before the E3 conferences in June. Is he right? Who knows.

Nintendo may be revealing Nintendo NX details even before E3 arrives, according to famous rumor mill Orgen, a NeoGAF user that was able to successfully predict Pokemon Black and Pokemon White long before they came out.

Orgen said that the Nintendo NX details would “…be more related to a full reveal than a ‘we’re working on it and we’ll see more at E3.'”

Orgen was quickly called out on his claims by many Nintendo fans, but he remained confident in his claims about the Nintendo NX details.

“I’ll check how many of the ‘insiders’ here will remember these posts when we get the news.”

Orgen’s predictions wouldn’t be the first supposed “leaks” to come out about Nintendo NX details. Various incidents, including a supposed leak about what the NX controller would look like (which many have dismissed as fake) and that the console’s specs could make it be as powerful as 50 Wii Us combined.

Other rumors include that the NX will have an HDMI dongle that will help users switch between portable and console play, and that Activision will be working with Nintendo to release ports and original content on the NX.

Without any confirmation by Nintendo about whether or not they’ll release a lot of Nintendo NX details, those of us that don’t subscribe to rumors will just have to wait and see what Nintendo puts out, and when.

If they go before E3 and tell us everything about the NX, that’s all well and good, but if they decide to wait for E3 itself and release all the details to as wide of an audience as possible, that’s fine too.

The important thing here is to not buff up expectations to an unreasonable degree. Nintendo’s been somewhat mum on any sort of Nintendo NX details, so even if you’re excited to see what will be available on Nintendo’s newest console, you’ll have to wait a few more months.

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