Nintendo Killed Soulja Boy’s Move Into The Gaming Industry, Rapper Could Be Sued for 750 Million Dollars

One of the absurd business ventures of 2018 has come to a close. Soulja Boy's rom-com Chinese console business has...

One of the absurd business ventures of 2018 has come to a close. Soulja Boy’s rom-com Chinese console business has shut down. Nintendo went after Soulja Boy and decided to sue him for selling the company’s property.

The Soulja Boy console is no longer available for purchase thanks to Nintendo’s swift action to protect its intellectual properties. Soulja Boy claimed his console is unique and his own, saying that Nintendo cannot do anything about it and that the console isn’t going anywhere. However, in the end, it looks like the threat of a multi-million dollar lawsuit was too much for Soulja Boy.

Since we don’t know what exactly happened behind closed doors, it is unclear if Nintendo would still pursue this lawsuit. But it wouldn’t surprise to see if the company still decides to go after Soulja Boy. They have grounds to sue the rapper for millions, especially, after his claims of selling 5 million units.

5 million units sold at $150 each means a total revenue of approximately 750 million dollars.

Soulja Boy has made unsubstantiated and often ridiculous claims about his business ventures. The claim of selling 5 million units could spell disaster for his career and financial state if Nintendo decided to go after him in the court of law. Soulja Boy would have to pay a significant amount of money to the Japanese video game and gaming hardware maker.

Earlier this month, Soulja Boy also claimed to have struck a deal with none other than Ubisoft. The creator of Tom Clancy games was supposedly helping Soulja Boy develop a new console. However, when SegmentNext reached out to the company denied any links with the rapper and his console.

Ubisoft has a long-standing relationship with Nintendo and such a reputable company would never dip its fingers in an illegal rom-com console business. For now, this is all we have for you and we hope this is the last time we hear of Soulja Boy’s attempts to enter the gaming industry.

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