Nintendo Fires 80% of Entire Nintendo of Korea Staff

Nintendo isn’t a company known for aggressive lay-offs, but unfortunately they had to take action by laying off almost all of the Nintendo of Korea staff.

This layoff comes after four years of fiscal losses in the Nintendo of Korea section of the company, which has resulted in nearly 80% of the entire staff being fired.

Nintendo has built a reputation of downsizing whenever possible to ensure it would not have to go for the brutal practice of mass lay-offs, something that we saw happen recently with Sony and Microsoft as Evolution and Lionhead studios were altogether shut down.

Even the late president Satoru Iwata was known to taking voluntary pay cuts to keep his staff across the globe employed. Unfortunately, Nintendo of Korea has been witnessing extremely disappointing revenues the past few years, and because of that Nintendo was forced to take action.

Out of the 60 employees that worked in Nintendo of Korea, 50 of them have been fired, reducing the team down to just 10. Fukuda Hiroyuki still remains as Chief Executive of Nintendo of Korea. It is also suggested that the division’s headquarters will be reallocated to a smaller location outside of Seoul.

Source Inven

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