Nintendo Definitely Plans To Add VR In Nintendo Switch, Hacker Discover VR Settings Menu

Recently a hacker took to Twitter account and posted a video, which seems to suggest that perhaps we just might see VR In Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo’s famous console Switch’s success is known to everyone, and so fans have been wondering about some of the new things they seemingly, would like to see in the console. Seems like a hacker meddling around with the console has discovered something which seems to imply that perhaps, Nintendo does have plans to add VR In Nintendo Switch.

Recently a hacker who goes by the name “Random” took to Twitter account and posted a video, in which you can see the VR Settings Menu, which also shows the Test VR Mode option.

So as you may know that there have a few mixed stories regarding Switch getting a VR headset, this seems to add more base to those stories. What we can deduce, based on what we know so far, is that perhaps Nintendo does have plans, to add VR In Nintendo Switch.

Or it could also be a possibility that perhaps VR, was under consideration and that is why they did leave some open margin, in the console to maybe possibly add it in the console. So what the hacker”Random” discovered, may just be a sitting menu.

Still, that is a long shot speculation, considering the recent success of Nintendo Switch console, crossing the 17.79 million units sold mark, it seems to reason that Nintendo Switch might be considering on adding, the complete VR experience.

Especially if they are aiming to reach Xbox One Console sales before the next-gen console rolls out. Currently, Xbox One sales are expected to be at somewhere between 30 to 40 million. Nintendo would definitely need to add this complete VR feature because adding it, will definitely create more chances in terms of sales.

So until the company gives any type of information regarding VR In Nintendo Switch, we certainly can not speculate any further. With all that said, what are your thoughts about on this Virtual Reality settings menu? Let us know, your thoughts in the comments below.