Nintendo and Sony Once Worked Together to Produce a Console Named ‘Play Station’, Images Inside

Amidst the never-ending consoles war and the whole PC versus consoles debate, only a handful of people know that in the past Nintendo and Sony worked together to produce a system which would play both Super Nintendo games and CDs created by Sony Computer Entertainment.

Reportedly, the project was dubbed as the Play Station and was scheduled to arrive in early 90s before Nintendo ditched Sony in the favour of Philips. A lawsuit followed and by the end of 1992 it was decided that the new console would boast a Super Nintendo game port, but Nintendo would continue to use Sony-designed audio chip.

However, in 1993, Sony decided to rebuild the console, named it Playstation (which we all are familiar with) and released it in Japan in 1994 followed by releasing it across U.S. and Europe in 1995.

Not much is known regarding the prototype that both Nintendo and Sony were working on, but we recently acquired an alleged image of the said console which boasts both a CD drive and SNES port and uses a SNES controller.

Check out the image pasted below and tell us what the future of gaming would have been if Nintendo and Sony would have actually worked out on the scrapped Play Station?


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