Nintendo 3DS and Wii U Outsell PS4 During Christmas in Japan

According to released sales, the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U consoles were the hottest in Japan during Christmas, while PS4 sales were rather underwhelming.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 might be selling more units than any other console in most of the world, but in Japan, the trend seems to be a tad bit different. While it’s no surprise that the ever-popular handheld Nintendo 3DS is still doing magnificently well, it’s a tad bit surprising that the Wii U and its portable cousin have actually outsold PS4 in Japan during Christmas.

The report was released by Japanese video-game website Famitsu, who showed the rankings of the bestselling video games and video game consoles during Christmas week in Japan.

The Nintendo 3DS topped the list, with the Wii U being in second place. PS4 didn’t even take the third spot – it was surprisingly Sony’s own handheld, the PS Vita, which was the third best selling video-game hardware in Japan during Christmas.

The New 3DS managed 155,397 sales, the Wii U sold 101,122 units, and the PS Vita sold 66,069 units. The PS4 only managed a modest 60,330 units.

The sales trend goes on to show the popularity of handheld consoles in Japan; the Nintendo 3DS the bestselling handheld of all time, but it’s a tad surprising that the somewhat underwhelming PS Vita managed to surpass its big cousin.

The bottom of the list was occupied by the likes of the older 3DS, PS3, and Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles. The Xbox One only managed a disappointing 479 units during Christmas.

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