Ninja Theory’s Leaked Xbox Exclusive Game Sounds Familiar, Reveal at E3 2019

Ninja Theory's Razer could be back thanks to funding from Microsoft. An insider leak points to some interesting happenings at E3 2019.

According to a new leak from an anonymous insider, Ninja Theory is working on a new Xbox exclusive game. The creators of Hellblade are reportedly developing a sci-fi coop game that will be revealed at E3 2019.

The new Ninja Theory title is a 4-player coop game that’s a story focused sci-fi experience with melee combat. Each of the four characters can pick different abilities for secondary attacks (guns, traps, lasso).

There are 6 unique locations with 18 levels in the game, three missions per location and each location offers 90 minutes. Each location ends with a boss fight similar to God of War. Developers at Ninja Theory are using Unreal Engine 4.

The information was leaked on Reddit earlier and most of it seems pretty familiar. Ninja Theory was once working on a video game of similar nature but it got canceled. The title in question is Razer, a co-op game set in a sci-fi setting.

Ninja Theory ended its development as the studio failed to find a publisher for Razer. Another factor that played a role in Razer’s cancelation was Hellblade.

Razer was a third-person action game with gunplay and melee combat. Early pitch materials were posted by Ninja Theory years ago to show what could have been.

Last year, Microsoft acquired Ninja Theory which leads us to speculate that Razer might be back. This insider leak may be referring to Razer or whatever parts of it are used to create this new game.

Microsoft’s funding could have allowed Ninja Theory to revive Razer in some shape or form. We can only speculate for the time being but come E3 2019, will know what’s going on behind the scenes.

The game is likely to be an Xbox and Windows 10 exclusive since of course, Microsoft now owns Ninja Theory. E3 2019 is in June and Microsoft is bringing in the big guns.

Microsoft acquired a handful of studios that are developing Xbox exclusive games. The lack of first-party titles has been a problem for Xbox One, however, Microsoft is making changes to counter this issue prior to the release of Xbox Anaconda.

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