NieR Replicant Shahriyar Boss Guide

In this NieR Replicant Shahriyar Boss guide, we will walk you through the whole fight with Shahriyar Boss, including its...

In this NieR Replicant Shahriyar Boss guide, we will walk you through the whole fight with Shahriyar Boss, including its location and attack patterns. We will also tell you how you can defeat him, along with the rewards for defeating the Shahriyar Boss.

NieR Replicant Shahriyar Boss

Shahriyar is a Boss and an essence in Nier Replicant who guards the Barren Temple and its laws. Shahriar will appear in the Barren Temple’s final chamber in NieR Replicant while searching for the Prince of Facade after all of the trials of the rooms have been completed. When you have finished all of the trials, the entrance to the final room will be unlocked.

Shahriyar Boss is a collection of different temple cube formations, and if someone violates any rules in the temples’ room and trials, that person will be escorted out by one of those blocks.

Cylindrical Form

The fight will start after the cut-scene, four rings of temple cubes will appear and will start rotating. Few of these cubes will be glowing. These cubes will fire multiple orb projectiles in non-humanoid form towards you. You can either dodge or guard against these projectiles.

You have to target the glowing cubes using the Dark Lance while dodging or guarding against the projectiles. You only have to focus on the ring at the bottom. Make sure to guard or avoid the orb projectiles until you see a clear shot of the glowing cubes.

Eliminate all the glowing cubes in a ring, and that ring will be destroyed. Repeat this process for all 4 rings before Shahriyar Boss changes its form.

Human Form

Once you have destroyed all four rings of temple cubes, Shahriyar Boss will change its form and will appear in the form of a giant human with glowing cubes as his hands.

Your target is the same, i.e., the glowing cubes. Only thing that varies here is that the cubes continuously shift around in patterns, and you have to avoid them.

You will see that when Shahriyar smashes its hands, a shockwave is generated outwards that can also damage you. You have to jump over the shockwave to avoid getting hit by it and avoid any damage that it may have caused you.

Square Form

After destroying all the glowing cubes in his hand, Shahriyar will change its form. It will now appear in the form of four squares. The corner cubes of those rings will be glowing cubes.

These squares will rotate, but you only have to focus on the square that is on the front. Using the Dark Lance, target the glowing cubes at the corners. In this form, the cubes also fire multiple rotating lasers at you. You can either run to the side or dodge to avoid these Lasers.

When the attack gauge appears, eliminate the boss with the help of charged Dark Lance, concluding the Shahriyar Boss fight.

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