NieR Replicant Hansel and Gretel Boss Guide

Nier Replicant has many interesting bosses and the first of these is Hansel and Gretel. This NieR Replicant Hansel and...

Nier Replicant has many interesting bosses and the first of these is Hansel and Gretel. This NieR Replicant Hansel and Gretel Boss guide will help you fight Hansel and Gretel by outlining all their attacks and strategies to use to counter them.

NieR Replicant Hansel and Gretel Boss

Hansel and Gretel are the twin armored statues that act as the Guardians of Grimoire Weiss in the Lost Shrine. When you arrive at the boss arena, both the stone statues will be stationary. They will have joined their weapons with a book in the middle. Behind them is the barrier separating you and Yonah.

When you enter the boss room, Yonah is behind a barrier blocked off by Hansel and Gretel. Lots of shades will spawn, and you need to attack them continuously.

Keep on killing them. After a while, you need to attack the book that is in the center of Hansel and Gretel’s weapons. Attacking it will cause it to fall.

More shades will start to spawn, but the book will start to float and reveal itself as Grimoire Weiss.  Ask for its assistance, and it will join you. Keep on fighting the shades until both the twin stone statues join the fight.


Hansel and Gretel are not really hard bosses. They have very basic and telegraphed attacks that you can easily avoid.


The first is a simple Lance Slash. They will vertically slash their lance in front of them. The other is Lance Swipe, where they perform a horizontal sweep. Both of these attacks can be easily avoided by simply dodging away or blocking.

The only ranged attack they have is Lance Charge. They will raise their lance and then charge towards you from a distance. This move can also be very easily dodged or even blocked. This attack also leaves them open for a counterattack.

How to Defeat Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel may look intimidating, but they are actually very easy. This is because after you deal some damage to any of them, they both start using Self Shield.

They assume a defensive stance and deploy a circular shield around them that is impenetrable to both physical and magic attacks.

At this point, simply attack the other stone statues. Both of them will not fight you at the same time, making the fight a walk through the park.

You can punish most of their moves. Simply dodge every attack and then retaliate with your own. Hansel and Gretel can be attacked with the Dark blast. Make sure you do not charge it. This will allow you to be mobile bombarding the statue you are fighting.

Once the attack gauge starts to appear on the bosses, deplete it before the time ends, then follow up with a Dark Blast to learn Dark Lance. This move will allow you to take out both the bosses.

After Hansel is defeated, Gretel will call on more shades and attack you will projectiles. Dodge and block them while also clearing out the shades.

As you start attacking Gretel again, she will return to their normal fighting style and can be defeated the same way as was Hansel.

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