NieR Replicant Geppetto Boss Guide

Geppetto is a gigantic machine in NieR Replicant and is in fact a defense system robot. You will face Geppetto...

Geppetto is a gigantic machine in NieR Replicant and is in fact a defense system robot. You will face Geppetto Boss at the final room of the Junk Heap. This NieR Replicant Geppetto Boss guide gives a detailed account on how to defeat the Geppetto Boss, including all of its powerful moves and weaknesses.

NieR Replicant Geppetto Boss

Geppetto is a defense system that is built to defend the Junk Heap from intruders. Geppetto has been built with some pretty lethal moves. Let’s take a look at all of them and how to counter them..


Crossing Lasers
A laser beam will emit from both mechanic hands of Geppetto. Starting from the edges of the field, the lasers will move inwards towards you forming a cross shape.

You will have to continuously hit its palms while the lasers are emitting, and jump over the lasers when they corner you. These lasers can emit as single, multiple or multiple outwards beams.

Hand Crush
The mechanical hands of Geppetto will hover over you. It is preparing to crush you beneath them. So you will have to keep looking at where the shadow of the hands fall and stay clear of the area.

Geppetto will fire multiple missiles at you that are pretty damaging if they hit you. The only way to avoid them is by running all around until the bombardment stops.

Mouth Cannon
Geppetto will fire a concentrated beam that travels sideways and is quite damaging if it hit you. You have to steer clear of the beam. However, a good thing during this attack is that Geppetto is highly vulnerable to your attacks.

You should consider throwing the huge bombs from the field into the beam emitting units to dissolve the attack, which also deals huge damage to Geppetto.

How to Defeat Gepetto

Now that you know all about Geppetto’s moves, you may already know how to proceed. However, there are a few more things to consider during the battle.

You need to damage Geppetto’s mechanical hands before going for its head. The palms of Geppetto are pretty weak and you can cause maximum damage to them with your continuous attacks.

For the first few minutes, you will continuously be attacked by the laser beams. Just keep running off of the beams and keep attacking the palms. Geppetto will then divide into many smaller units, all spawning from the edges of the stage.

This is where the real trouble lies. Consider using the Dark Hand and running all the way around while attacking the units until they are called back by Geppetto.

This is where the hands of Geppetto are totally destroyed and it will start attacking through its head. At first, it will shoot missiles at you. Keep dodging them and keep hitting the head. Geppetto will then finally start emitting the concentrated laser beams.

This is where you have to be the most careful. However, this is also when you finally get to destroy its mouth. So just keep throwing the huge bombs off the field into its mouth and soon Geppetto will become a total wreck.