NieR Replicant Act 2 Underground Facility Walkthrough

In this NieR Replicant Act 2 Underground Facility guide, we’ll explain how to complete this main story during the second act in NieR Replicant.

NieR Replicant Act 2 Underground Facility

You’ll come across the Underground Facility main story during the second act in NieR Replicant.

You’ll be visiting three different basements while playing through the Underground Facility: B1, B2, and B3.

The basements are loaded with Shades, and if they don’t exhaust you enough, you’ll be fighting Number 6 and Jack of Hearts towards the end of the story.

Let’s start making our way through the first basement, B1. To enter the Underground Facility, you first need to go meet up with Emil in his Manor. The Facility is located underneath his Manor.

The entrance to the Underground Facility is out in the courtyard, and it can be accessed by interacting with the fountain.

Underground Facility – B1
B1 holds 5 obtainable items: AA Keycard, KA Keycard, Underground Facility Map, SA Keycard, Fang of the Twins (Two-Handed Sword).

The first item that you need to look out for after entering the Facility is the AA Keycard. It’ll be used to unlock the first door of the basement. You’ll find it on the left after entering the Facility.

Once you have the Keycard, use it to unlock the door up ahead. Make sure Emil is nearby all along.

Make your way through the door, and you’ll come across another room on the right. Entering that room will put you face to face with a couple of Shades. Therefore, if you’re not up for a fight, you can simply ignore the room and carry on.

You’ll come across another room on the right, this too will have several Shades, but you’ll have to step into this room since it contains the KA Keycard.

Once you’ve cleared the Shades, you’ll find the KA Keycard in the far-right corner. KA Keycard will be used to unlock the next set of locked doors that you come across.

For now, we need the Underground Facility Map. Exit the room you’re currently in and head towards the hall on the left. The map is located in one of the boxes. Break the boxes to retrieve the map. Look out for nearby Shades.

For the SA Keycard, you need to enter the storehouse. It is located inside the boxes at the northeast corner. Destroy the boxes to retrieve the SA Keycard.

There are few other boxes nearby as well that contain medicinal herbs. Lastly, you cannot expect to retrieve an obtainable without fighting with Shades. There are plenty of them in the storehouse, so look out for them.

For the Final obtainable item in B1, head towards the room at the northern end of the covered passage. You’ll find the Fang of the Twins in one of the breakable boxes.

Follow the corridor towards the exit, and if you run into any locked door, it can be unlocked using the SA Keycard. Right before you enter B2, you’ll find a New Document.

You’ll run into several Shades while you make your way towards B2.

Underground Facility – B2
In this region, you’ll be looking out for 5 obtainable Keycards: TA, NA, HA, MA, and YA Keycards.

TA Keycard could easily be located once you enter the second basement, towards the northeastern corner. Use it to unlock the locked door and continue down the passage.

Eventually, you’ll find yourself standing in the middle of a maze-like room. The NA Keycard is located in the eastern corner.

Collect the Keycard and be on your way until you come across an area with large buildings. HA Keycard is located in the building to the southeast. If you’re up for a fight, then you can enter a few other rooms.

They’ll have sufficient Shades at your disposal, else head towards the door on the east. Unlock it using HA Keycard and be on your way again.

Once again, you’ll find yourself amidst huge buildings. This time, make your way towards the building in the middle. The building contains MA Keycard. There are several other boxes lying around that contain medicinal herbs.

This MA Keycard will be used to unlock the door leading into the building in the south. YA Keycard is located in one of the breakable boxes inside this building.

All along, there’ll be several Shades bombarding you while you try to collect every Keycard. However, once you’ve collected YA Keycard, you’ll find yourself up against a bigger Shade. Use Dark Lance to finish it off.

This YA Keycard will be your gateway into the next basement. Don’t forget to collect the New Document before proceeding to the next section.

Underground Facility – B3
In this region of the Facility, we’ll be searching for RA and WA Keycards.

Make your way to the third room on the right, and then head through the passage in the south. The room at the end of the passage contains RA Keycard.

The door on the east could be unlocked using RA Keycard. Make your way through the door after unlocking it.

Once you’re in a large room, you’ll come across several Shades, including a big one. Fight them and then look for WA Keycard in the northeastern corner.

Unlock the locked door using WA Keycard and continue down the path until a cutscene follows.

After the Cutscene, prepare for a battle with Number 6 and then Jack of Hearts.

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